Apple Event Launch Today

As it happens every year. Apple company is going to launch its new phone. Apple company always known for advanced camera features, long and stable battery life and a top notch IOS software. Earlier with Its Mobile devices, Ipads and now adds on with Apple Watches, Apple Airpods. this company has reached to the top well established and profitable business in the whole world.

Apart from its best camera feature Apple may introduce a new advanced feature of making calls and send text messages in emergencies even if there is no network coverage. That was a rumour being spread from the last year but that may be possible this time.

Apple always use the latest and the best technology in each new product, hence they launch all their products under 5G networks. The iPhone 14 will likewise incorporate Apple’s refreshed iOS 16 programming, a free update being delivered close by the new gadgets. The new programming, which will likewise run on iPhones made in the beyond quite a while, will offer altering and unsending of iMessage correspondences, new lock screen “gadget” applications and additional security highlights, for example, Lockdown Mode and Safety Check.

Apple Far Out Image Source: Apple Website

Video Source: Youtube

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