Chicago news: Francesco Bruno, 3-year-old with genetic disorders at La Rabida Children’s Hospital on South Side, goes home

CHICAGO (WLS) — It has been a happy, momentous Tuesday for a family whose little guy gets to go home after three long years in the hospital.

Francesco has a life-threatening genetic condition, but his family said he’s a fighter and it will be a full house when he gets home from La Rabida Children’s Hospital.

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The 3-year-old boy was born with complications of skeletal dysplasia, and his genetic disorders affect his bones and muscles. He has spent all of his life in hospitals, relying on a trach, ventilator to breathe and tubes to eat.

But Tuesday is a happy day. He gets to go home, where his six brothers and sisters are waiting.

“Finally, it’s happening. They’ve been praying for this for a long time, said Francesco’s mother, Priscilla Bruno.

Francesco is the second child the Bruno family had with this condition. They lost their other son a week after he was born.

“The fact that we are even standing here, almost three years later, talking about him is already a miracle in and of itself, in my opinion,” said Francesco’s father, Emanuele Bruno.

Taking Francesco home won’t be without challenges, but hospital staff said he is getting stronger every day, and his parents took classes and are trained to handle his many needs.

“It just shows how much hard work he has put in, how much hard work his family has put in. They do so much,” said La Rabida Speech Language Pathologist Jenny Winberg.

His parents said they are ready for their little boy to come home. He has already taught them so much.

“To live every day like it’s the last, because I don’t know what can happen tomorrow,” his mom said.

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